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Nexus HealthSpan is a multi-disciplinary medical practice with expertise in heart attack prevention, stroke prevention, diabetes prevention, adn bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT).

The Nexus Mission is to empower people to do what inspires them in life. Our vision is to extend HealthSpan and elevate quality of life. Our values include honesty and transparency; giving; and excellence in each of our endeavors.

We are strong advocates for optimal metabolic health, for the unique needs of both men and women, and for sexual health. We strive to be a nationally recognized leader in integrative health; to be an education resource for both healthcare consumers, as well as providers; and to impact the disparity between HealthSpan and lifespan. 

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Strength, vitality, vigor, drive – these are qualities that make men who they are. As time goes on, these can be lost. Health care, directed towards men, can help you take control and live your life the way you want. 


Every hormone has a benefit. When we lose that hormone, we lose the benefit. Women are very intuitive and know when something hormonal has changed. Replenishing hormones can help give you back your life.


A healthy cardiovascular system is integral for an optimal healthspan so as to keep your body going through the enjoyment of everything that life has to offer. No matter where you are in your heart health journey, there is room for improvement. 


Sleep, Nutrition, Exercise, and Hydration are the pillars of what make our bodies perform at their greatest potential. Unlocking the tools for your optimal performance is possible with the right guidance. 


Given the proper guidance, paired with proper nutrition and lifestyle, supplementation can help you to reach your goals.  Supplementation can be preferred over medication, under appropriate supervision. 


Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other important compounds have been researched for their benefits and important effects inside the body. IV infusions can be a helpful adjunct to your current treatment regimen.



Nexus HealthSpan has been a HUGE blessing for my fiancé and I in taking over our hormone healthcare. He is patient and compassionate and focuses on helping you feel better than you ever have before. I cannot say enough good things about Nexus HealthSpan and the founder Zachart Lott. I HIGHLY recommend you let Nexus help you if you are struggling due to hormone imbalance!

“This was the most comprehensive health evaluation I’ve ever had. I had all sorts of advanced labs, an ultrasound, an oral health test, and I was sent home with a device to assess the quality of my sleep. NP Lott spent over two hours with me. I was quite impressed with his knowledge of cardiovascular disease prevention and hormone health – he addressed all the issues that other have spent years beating around the bush about. If you really looking to take your health to the next level, go visit Nexus HealthSpan.”

“After months of doctor’s appointments and numerous tests, I was discouraged without any answers to what was causing my stomach issues, unexplained weight gain, and loss of sleep. After meeting with NP Lott, he did a full blood panel, whole-body evaluation, and was able to identify the issues after my first visit. With his knowledge and support, I lost 10lbs, increased my energy, reduced stress, balanced my hormone levels, and improved sleep quality. I’ve never felt more vibrant!”

“As a male in my late 40’s, I was experiencing general fatigue, a low sex drive, and my total cholesterol was high risk at 314! I was given a comprehensive evaluation which included lab work and other types of unique testing. NP Lott has been there to assist me with not only my cholesterol (now 138), but my testosterone level, and  for any other questions that I have had regarding supplements, sleep apnea, exercise and weight training.”

“I’ve never had a more comprehensive overview about my overall health, both from a comprehensive 30,000-foot view and on a granular level, than I had with NP Lott. He went through all of my lab results with me and explained what they all meant and how they all worked together. He was able to read all of the data and put some pieces of the puzzle together that other providers have glossed over, to show me that I was trending towards some results I would really want to avoid. I highly recommend visiting him and experiencing this for yourself.”

My fiancé has been a patient of Zach for several years now. Zach single handedly has changed his life for the better. I am absolutely satisfied with his customer service, communication and professionalism. He always makes sure to answer all of our questions in a very timely manner and explains his treatment options thoroughly.”

Unequivocally the best in the game. Great service professionals that always focus on great communication and even better treatment approaches. NP Lott is changing the world one patient at a time!

I have known NP Lott and have been his patient for several years. Zach is not only amazingly competent but he truly cares. Any time I have had a question I have texted him and I have gotten a response right away. He not only provides advice but follows up and checks in on me. He is insightful and has changed my life for the better.



“The superior provider prevents disease. The mediocre provider attends to impending disease. The inferior provider treats actual disease.”   

-Adopted from an ancient Chinese proverb.