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What to Do if You Suspect You Have ED

Zachary Lott11/20/2023

Are you experiencing frustrating and embarrassing sexual dysfunction symptoms? Consider an evaluation and treatment for ED.


What Are the Signs of Low Hormone Levels in Women?

Zachary Lott08/18/2023

Nexus HealthSpan near Lake Forest, CA diagnoses and treats low hormone levels in women through bioidentical hormone replacement therapy treatments.


Erectile Dysfunction Causes

Zachary Lott11/07/2022

Learn about the causes of erectile dysfunction along with all the treatment options available to you.


Why You Should Have the CIMT Test

Zachary Lott

The CIMT test is an easy, noninvasive ultrasound that gathers important data and can predict the likelihood of experiencing a heart attack or stroke.


Focused Shockwave Therapy vs. Radial Wave Therapy

Zachary Lott

Low-intensity focused shockwave therapy can improve erectile dysfunction, but not all ED devices provide effective results.


How a Heart attack Actually Happens

Zachary Lott08/08/2022

Heart attacks affect more than just the heart. There is a cascade effect throughout the whole body.


Nexus Metabolic Health Protocol

Zachary Lott05/23/2022

Learn more about Nexus Metabolic Health Protocol in Mission Viejo, CA


What You Weren’t Told About Menopause Symptoms

Zachary Lott05/12/2022

Let us help you by clarifying what is going to happen to your body during menopause.


Understanding the CardioRisk IMT Test

Zachary Lott05/10/2022

The CIMT will give you an overview of your cardiovascular health and help you pl


Onset of Effects of Testosterone

Zachary Lott04/26/2022

Learn more about testosterone replacement therapy and if it may be right for you


Testosterone & Remission of Diabetes

Zachary Lott02/09/2022

Promising studies could change the landscape of diabetes and testosterone treatment.


Should I Check My Testosterone Levels?

Zachary Lott11/10/2021

While low testosterone levels are usually caught at a young age, injury or trauma. Maybe you should get your levels checked?

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