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What is IV Vitamin Therapy?

Are you hoping to boost your overall mood and well-being? At Nexus HealthSpan, our staff of trained professionals offers IV (intravenous) vitamin drip services to help maximize your health and wellness. With several options available, our customized IV drips include ingredients that work to boost your complexion radiance, aid in fat reduction, reduce stress levels, address nutritional deficiencies, treat chronic tiredness, and improve immune function. Nurse practitioner Zachary Lott will help you choose which kind of IV blend is best for your goals. If you would like to explore additional info regarding the benefits of nutrient IV sessions, contact our facility in Mission Viejo, CA to schedule an appointment.


What Can I Expect from IV Vitamin Therapy?

Once we decide which ingredients and form of IV wellness therapy to best work for your desires, we'll safely administer the vitamin cocktail in one of our individual treatment areas. The skin will be cleaned and the drip will be placed. Patients can unwind or potentially take a nap for the duration of the treatment. The IV provides vitamins and nutrients utilizing a steady administration into the body. Once it finishes, we'll secure a tiny dressing over the affected area. IV therapy often takes approximately 60 minutes to finish, after which you're able to leave our Mission Viejo, CA office and continue your normal day with no recovery time expected.



Great Services. Great Staff. They provide affordable services to diagnose conditions and help prevent future medical issues. Unlike many other medical service providers -they take the time to diagnose & offer guidance based on today's modern medicine. They practice what I recently heard -> "if you dont take the time to be healthy now-you will have to take the time to be sick later". I wish I knew about these guys 10 years ago.

M.G. Google

Mr Lott was so awesome to deal with and very informative on what needed to be done and for what I needed to change. He looked into my labs and knew right away a few things that nobody else has ever told me or ever looked at. I would highly recommend to schedule a visit and make a change to your life so you feel better. I am on a pathway to a better life feeling better and with more energy. Thanks Zachary Lott!!

K.K. Google

Dr Lott is great at what he does, he has been so thorough and helpful in getting me back on track with my health. He’s been able to diagnose and treat issues that my family doc blew off for years.

S.J. Google

Amazing human being. Helped my parents look and feel better! Thank you!

K.J. Google

Very thorough ! Very knowledgeable! Easy to communicate with! The best I’ve ever been to! Thanks

P.R. Google


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Feel Your Best With a Vitamin IV

By having intravenous nutrient therapy, you can find relief from a number of undesirable issues and improve your overall health. At Nexus HealthSpan, we are happy to offer this individualized solution for individuals with a number of needs and symptoms. Get in touch with our Mission Viejo, CA facility to learn more details about intravenous nutrient treatment or to book a consultation with Zachary Lott.

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