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What is a CIMT Test?

A simple ultrasound could predict the likelihood of experiencing an adverse cardiovascular, such as a heart attack or stroke, in the next 10 years with an accuracy of 98.6%. Nurse practitioner Zachary Lott at Nexus HealthSpan performs the carotid intima-media thickness (CIMT) test to measure the thickness of the inner layers of your carotid, and femoral, arteries. This quick, noninvasive test can help Zachary create a more comprehensive picture of your cardiovascular health and develop a plan to prevent a heart attack or stroke. Contact our Mission Viejo, CA office to learn more or schedule a CIMT test.

What Can I Expect From a CIMT Test?

Zachary Lott recommends the CIMT test as part of any heart attack and stroke prevention plan. Zachary, or a member of his team, will perform your CIMT test. During your test, you will lie comfortably on an exam table while ultrasound gel is applied to the skin on the front your neck. A small microphone-like device, called a transducer, will be used to slide across your neck above the carotid artery. The ultrasound technology will allow Zachary to gather images and over 600 measurements in the carotid arteries. This test is not painful; there is no radiation; and patients can return to their normal daily activities after completion. Zachary may prescribe medications depending on your test results. He may also suggest ways to improve your diet and activity level to lead a more heart-healthy lifestyle.

A+ - I had a WONDERFUL experience at Nexus. Zachary Lott was kind, informative, and answered all my questions without rush. And, reviewed previous images taken by a DIFFERENT technician at a different faculty and identified plaque that was not reported properly before. I will be bringing other family members to Nexus for QUALITY care and a plan to prevent further cardiovascular disease, and improve my overall health. I’m so happy I found Nexus. The right doctor and facility make all the difference.

J.M. Google

Former Marine and Iraq war veteran, Zachary is the best money you can spend on preventative care. He spends ten times, maybe twenty times more time examining and communicating your blood results. He is well versed on every drug, plus alternatives, and can guide you to a longer life. Since all of his ancillary services like blood work and supplements are discounted, he pays for himself. Start with a CMIT that he is specially trained for. Low $$

L.C. Google

Zach goes above and beyond any expectation I have had as far as medical care, time spent with patient, level of empathy, attention to detail. I can’t say enough positives.

M.F. Healthgrades

Zachary Lott , very professional, kind, and understanding. Hears your concerns and finds the correct solutions. Definitely an expert in his field and knows what he is doing.

J.W. Google

Amazing human being. Helped my parents look and feel better! Thank you!

K.J. Google


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Predict Adverse Cardiovascular Events

The CIMT test can be valuable for predicting an individual's cardiovascular disease and future vascular event risk. This noninvasive test is performed at Nexus HealthSpan as a screening tool for people seeking to prevent heart attacks and strokes. Contact Zachary Lott in Mission Viejo, CA to learn more about heart attack and stroke prevention or to schedule your CIMT test.

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