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What is Erectile Dysfunction Treatment?

Sexual health complications can be a common but troubling issue as men age. At Nexus HealthSpan, we offer hope. Nurse practitioner Zachary Lott treats erectile dysfunction with several cutting-edge techniques, including low-intensity focused shockwave therapy, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections, and prescription TriMix injections. Focused shockwave therapy uses advanced noninvasive technology that utilizes precise energy to intensify the blood flow to the penis. A PRP injection utilizes natural healing components from your own blood to help you have a more fulfilling sex life. Self-administered TriMix injections include a combination of alprostadil, papaverine, and phentolamine which provide fast, long-lasting erections. For more information about these groundbreaking sexual health treatments, contact Nexus HealthSpan in Mission Viejo, CA.


What Can I Expect from Erectile Dysfunction Treatment?

Focused shockwave therapy and PRP injections are both relatively quick procedures that are performed in the privacy of our Mission Viejo, CA office. During a focused shockwave therapy treatment, Zachary will maneuver the probe over the treatment area to improve blood flow to the penis. The procedure usually takes about 15 minutes, and most patients report feeling very little discomfort.

PRP penile injections begin with Zachary or a member of his team drawing your blood and placing it in a centrifuge where the PRP can be separated out. While you wait, a numbing cream or another type of local anesthetic may be applied to the treatment area to ensure your comfort. The PRP serum will then be carefully injected into targeted areas of your penis. After your appointment, you may continue with your daily activities but should avoid sexual intercourse for a few days. Results will vary and can be seen within the first 24 hours to three months.

Nexus HealthSpan also offers TriMix injections. TriMix is a mixture of the drugs papaverine, phentolamine, and alprostadil. These drugs allow the blood vessels in the penis to relax, dilate, and become filled with blood, producing an erection. TriMix injections are self-administered with a small needle. They act quickly and often provide long-lasting erections.

Great Services. Great Staff. They provide affordable services to diagnose conditions and help prevent future medical issues. Unlike many other medical service providers -they take the time to diagnose & offer guidance based on today's modern medicine. They practice what I recently heard -> "if you dont take the time to be healthy now-you will have to take the time to be sick later". I wish I knew about these guys 10 years ago.

M.G. Google

Mr Lott was so awesome to deal with and very informative on what needed to be done and for what I needed to change. He looked into my labs and knew right away a few things that nobody else has ever told me or ever looked at. I would highly recommend to schedule a visit and make a change to your life so you feel better. I am on a pathway to a better life feeling better and with more energy. Thanks Zachary Lott!!

K.K. Google

Dr Lott is great at what he does, he has been so thorough and helpful in getting me back on track with my health. He’s been able to diagnose and treat issues that my family doc blew off for years.

S.J. Google

Amazing human being. Helped my parents look and feel better! Thank you!

K.J. Google

Very thorough ! Very knowledgeable! Easy to communicate with! The best I’ve ever been to! Thanks

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Restore Your Sexual Health

Nurse practitioner Zachary Lott can help you improve your sexual performance and regain the self-confidence you've lost due to erectile dysfunction. Schedule an appointment at our Mission Viejo, CA office to learn if focused shockwave therapy, PRP, or TriMix penile injections suit you best.

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How long does shock wave therapy for ED last?

Results will vary, however, this noninvasive procedure performed by nurse practitioner Zachary Lott typically shows results lasting up to two years, depending on individual factors and underlying conditions.

Is Trimix safe?

Self-administered TriMix injections are generally considered a safe and effective treatment option for erectile dysfunction when prescribed and administered by a qualified healthcare provider, like Zachary Lott at Nexus HealthSpan in Mission Viejo, CA.

Do PRP injections hurt?

While some mild discomfort may be experienced during PRP injections, many patients at our Mission Viejo, CA location report minimal pain, and the process is often well-tolerated with a local anesthetic. Nurse practitioner Zachary Lott and his team are dedicated to providing the most comfortable and effective treatment experience tailored to each patient's unique needs.

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